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What makes a forklift explosion proof?

Date: 2024-07-05 View:

What makes a forklift explosion proof?

Explosion-proof electric forklifts are designed and modified to the
electrical system, drive system, control system and other parts of the forklift
to enable it to work safely in special environments such as
flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and corrosive gases.

The key to explosion-proof electric forklifts is to prevent the generation
of sparks and electrostatic charges.

To this end, the forklift uses materials with good conductivity,
anti-static treatment on the surface, explosion-proof electrical components
and isolation partitions, etc.,
to ensure that it is always in a safe state under any circumstances.


FLIFT explosion-proof electric forklifts are equipped
with advanced and complete configurations,
and the design is considered from many aspects.


Advanced explosion-proof technology


This vehicle is based on the battery-balanced heavy-duty forklift and
combines advanced explosion-proof technology at home and abroad,
and is made in strict accordance with national standards.


High-performance explosion-proof battery

Large capacity, long battery life, long life, and reliable safety.


LED low-temperature explosion-proof lights

Standard explosion-proof front and rear working headlights,
turn signals, rear brake lights
and sound and light alarm devices.


Intelligent explosion-proof control system

Supervises the insulation, operating temperature
and operating speed of the vehicle.

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