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Factory Sale 3.5 Ton S-series Lithium Battery Counter Balanced Forklift

Date: 2023-07-31 View:

 FLIFT Brand 3.5 Ton S-series Lithium Battery Counter Balanced Forklift

Product Advantages

►The electrical system

The electrical system adopts a 153.6V high-voltage system, and uses high-voltage
and low-current technology to reduce energy consumption and improve endurance.

►The dual-mode driving system

The dual-mode driving system is divided into standard mode and power mode,
and customers can switch freely according to different working conditions.

►The integrated electric drive system

The integrated electric drive system has the advantages of compact structure,
low operating noise and high transmission efficiency.

Product Parameter

Model FB35Li-A
Power Type Electric
Rated Capacity 3500 kg
Load Centre 500 mm
Service Weight 4650 kg
Tyre Type Aire Tyres
Wheel Number 2X/2
Front Tyre Size 28*9-15-14PR
Rear Tyre Size 6.50-10-10PR
Front Tread 1000 mm
Rear Tread 970 mm
Wheelbase 1700 mm
Fork Size 1070*125*50 mm
Mast Tilt Angle 6°/12°
Lift Height 3000 mm
Mast Lowered Height 2150 mm
Free Lift Height 125 mm
Mast Extended Height 4180 mm
Backrest Height 1150 mm
Fork Spread 250-1100 mm
Length to face of fork 2770 mm
Overall Width 1225 mm
Overhead Guard Height 2150 mm
Distance Froom Roof To Seat 950 mm
Front Overhang 506 mm
Rear Overhang 590 mm
Turning Radius 2460 mm
Ground Clearance 140 mm
Min.insecting aisle width 2530 mm
Min.right angle stacking aisle width 4155 mm


Drive and Hydraulic Integrated Power System

►High-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor
Compared with a three-phase asynchronous motor with the same performance,
the high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor is lighter,
and the overall efficiency of the whole working range is increased by 15%.

►Vehicle upper control system
The vehicle controller, which coordinates the walking motor controller,
oil pump motor controller, BMS, instrumentation and related body accessories.
The controller monitors real-time safety functions such as steering deceleration,
sear sensing, and neutral safety switch.

►IP67 protection level
Electric vehicle-level protection, fully meets the requirements of IP67.
The operating conditions are exactly the same as those of internal combustion forklifts,
and there are no restrictions on the operating environment.

► System-level high-voltage safety protection
Innovative system-level high-voltage safety protection scheme.
During the use of the high-voltage system, the safety of the system is ensured through can detection,
withstand voltage detection, high temperature edtection, and triple insulation detection.

►153.6 V high voltage system
The high-voltage solution reduces energy consumption and improves endurance by increasing voltage,
increasing motor power, reducing motor and controller current, and reducing current thermal effects.

►Liquid cooling technology
The integrated liquid cooling system completely prevents the motor
or electric control from shutting down due to overheating,
and it can work normally at 50°C.