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What is the capacity of a forklift?

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 What is the capacity of a forklift?

A forklift is a device used to carry goods in
factories, warehouses and other places.

The carrying capacity of a forklift refers to
the maximum weight that the forklift can bear.

It is usually expressed in kilograms or tons.

The higher the carrying capacity of a forklift,
the larger and heavier the items it can carry.


So how do you choose a forklift that suits your load?

Weight of the goods

►The goods carried at one time should not
exceed the carrying capacity of the forklift.



the lifting height

The higher the lifting height, the lighter the goods being carried.



the working environment.

Temperature, humidity, altitude, air pressure, etc.
may also affect the carrying capacity of the forklift.


►FLIFT can provide 1-55 ton diesel forklifts.
►You can find the forklift you want according to your needs.

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