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How does the common rail work?

Date: 2024-05-06 View:

How does the common rail work?

In order to cope with the world's energy crisis and the increasing environmental pollution,
high-voltage common rail electronically controlled fuel injection technology was produced.
It has developed rapidly since its advent and has a strong influence and positive effect on the fuel of diesel engines.

Then how does the high-voltage common rail work?

The working principle of high-voltage common rail EFI technology
can be divided into the following steps:

1. Fuel supply
2. Pressure regulation
3. Pressure transmission
4. Fuel injection
5. Control strategy

Generally speaking, it refers to a fuel supply method that completely separates
the generation of injection pressure and the injection process in a closed-loop system
composed of a high-pressure oil pump, a pressure sensor,
and an electronic control unit (ECU).

It uses a large-volume common rail cavity to accumulate the high-pressure fuel output
by the oil pump and eliminate pressure fluctuations in the fuel,
Then it is delivered to each injector,
and the start and end of injection are realized by
controlling the solenoid valve on the injector.


FLIFT 3 ton diesel forklift with common rail engine
(standard configuration)