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Hot Sale FBD 18W/20W Electric Pallet Stacker

Date: 2023-06-29 View:

 FLIFT Brand 18W/20W Electric Pallet Stacker

Product Parameter

 Model  FBD18W  FBD20W
 Power Type  Electric  Electric
 Operation Type  Pedestrian  Pedestrian
 Rated Capacity  1800 kg  2000 kg
 Load Center  600 mm  600 mm
 Weight( with battery)  1472 kg  1502 kg
 Material  PU  PU
 No.of Wheels  1X+2/41  1X+2/4
 Drive Wheel  Ø230*70 mm  Ø230*70 mm
 Load Wheel  Ø80*70 mm  Ø80*70 mm
 Balance Wheel  Ø100*50 mm  Ø100*50 mm
 Wheelbase  1485 mm  1485 mm
 Lift Height  3000 mm  3000 mm
 Mast Lowered Height  2070 mm  2070 mm
 Mast Extended Height(with backrest)  3858 mm  3858 mm
 Fork Size  1150*120*45 mm  1150*120*45 mm
 Distance between Fork Arms(outside)  240-1040 mm  240-1040 mm
 Straddle Leg Width(outside)  950/1270/1500 mm  950/1270/1500 mm
 Overall Length/with Pedal  2028/2530 mm  2028/2530 mm
 Overall Width  1519 mm  1519 mm
 Overall Height  900 mm  900 mm
 Mini. Ground Clearance(forks)  45 mm  45 mm
 Height of tiller in drive position(max/min)  1435/983 mm  1435/983 mm
 Turning Radius  1726 mm  1726 mm
 Floor Clearance  27 mm  27 mm
 For Pallets 1000*1200 lengthways  2985 mm  2985 mm
 For Pallets 800*1200 lengthways  2580 mm  2665 mm
 Travel Speed(Laden/unladen)  5.5/6 km/h  5.5/6 km/h
 Lifting Speed(Laden/ unladen)  85/120 mm/s  85/115 mm/s
 Lowering Speed(Laden/unladen)  135/105 mm/s  125/107 mm/s
 Max. Gradeability(Laden/Unladen)  8/10 %  6/8 %
 Braking System  Electromagnetic  Electromagnetic
 Battery Voltage/ Capacity  24V/240Ah  24V/270Ah
 Motor(Drive/Lift/Steer)  1.5/3/0.2  1.5/3/0.2
 Controller  Curtis DC  Curtis DC

Product Features

Germany INTORO brake

►Germany ZF gearbox

►Lift Height position limit device