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New Product Ride On Sweeper On Sale

Date: 2023-06-05 View:

 Supply Ride On Sweeper With Cheap Price

Product Features

The front wheel with shock absorption device,
enhance personal comfort during driving, and longer the service life.

► Super wide sweep width, greatly improve the work efficiency,
and reduce labor intensity.

►The whole machine equiped with fender wheel,
which prolonger the machine life.

►Large capacity battery to extend service time,
which ensure the work efficiency.

►Automatic adjusted brushes make cleaning more samrt and reliable.

►Using US Curtis Controller system, make the motor more safe.

►Using car hand brake design, make parking safe.

►Roof and watering device machines for opitional.

►Large bin capacity increase sweep efficiency.

Product Parameter

Model SA145-D
Power Type Electric
Operator Type Seated
Service Weight (with battery) 420 kg
Dimension 1550*1800*1400 mm
Sweeping Width of Main Brush 1400 mm
Diameter of Main Brush 700 mm
Diameter of Broom 500 mm
Volume of Dustbin 150 L
Work Efficiency 8000 m²/h
Max. Driving Speed 8 km/h
Max. Working Speed 5 km/h
Min. Turning Radius 0 mm
Max. Gradeability 20°
Drive Motor 1200 W
Working Motor 700+600+80 W
Battery 12V*3/100A.h