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Date: 2024-04-15 View:

The difference between order picker and regular forklift

Order picker, like ordinary forklifts, are industrial equipment used to move goods.
But what's the difference between the two?
This article will describe the differences between Order picker and ordinary forklift from different perspectives.

1. Different usage scenarios

Order picker is generally used in places with high cargo stacking heights,
such as ultra-high warehouses, factories, etc.

Ordinary forklifts are suitable for places with low cargo stacking heights,
such as trucks, docks, warehouses, etc.

2. Different functional characteristics

Order picker:

(1) The operator stands on a high platform with a wide field of vision,
and can observe the stacking of goods more clearly, improving operating accuracy and efficiency.

Lifting height can be customized according to your needs.

(2) The biggest advantage of high-position standing forks is that they can increase the stacking height of goods.
For certain industries, such as chemicals, electronics, food, etc.,
this can make better use of warehousing space and improve warehousing efficiency.

(3) High-position stand forks require operators to have considerable driving skills and experience,
and the technical requirements for operators are relatively high.

Ordinary forklift:

(1) The operation of ordinary forklifts is simple and convenient,
and most people can get started quickly.

(2) Ordinary forklifts have a wide range of applications.
They can not only stack goods, but also move goods from one place to another.


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