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what is the 3 way pallet stacker?

Date: 2024-04-11 View:

 what is the 3 way pallet stacker?

The 3 way pallet stacker forklift is a forklift that can move in three directions.
It can travel forward and backward, move left and right,
and can also perform ascending and descending operations.
According to the operator's instructions,
the three-way stacker forklift can move the goods in the shelves vertically and horizontally,
and shuttle freely between narrow shelves.


what is the feature of 3 way pallet stacker?

First, its performance is stable and can be manipulated accurately.

Secondly, because it can move freely in three directions,
its working space is more flexible and cargo can be transported efficiently.

In addition, the three-way stacker forklift can bear heavier goods.
By using an advanced pneumatic system,
it achieves unified operation of height positioning and output force,
thereby ensuring reliable control of height and weight.

Applicable scenarios of three-way stacker forklift

3 way pallet stacker forklifts are suitable for high-efficiency warehousing operations,
such as refrigeration, freezing, tobacco, chemicals and other industries.
In these industries, the storage and handling of goods require high-intensity inventory,
and the multi-directional movement characteristics of the three-way stacker forklift
can enable goods to quickly arrive between stacks with through-passages,
thereby ensuring production efficiency.

FLIFT 3 way pallet stacker forklift