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what's the differences between 3 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive electric forklift?

Date: 2024-04-16 View:

 what's the differences between
3 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive electric forklift?

What is the difference between 3 wheel drive electric forklifts and 4 wheel drive electric forklifts of the same tonnage?
How should customers choose between these two forklifts?
This article will analyze it from three aspects: structure, performance and scope of application.


1. Structure

The frame of the forklift is one of the important structures that supports the entire fuselage.
The three-point frame adopts a triangular support structure.
The frame is connected through the front and rear wheels, and a support column is added in the middle to enhance stability.

Compared with the three-point frame, the four-point frame has one more beam, and the front and rear wheels each have two support points.
The middle beam is responsible for bearing the load, and the overall structure is more stable and firm.

2. Performance

Carrying capacity:

The four-point frame is stronger and has greater load-bearing capacity than the three-point frame.
Because the addition of cross beams can bear the weight of the car body and the load generated by operation in a more balanced manner,
the vehicle body is not easily deformed.

service weight:

The three-point frame is lighter, lighter in weight and more flexible in control.
The four-point frame has a relatively larger weight due to its stronger structure,
but it is also more sturdy and durable.

Small turning radius and easy to control:

The three-point frame is more agile than the four-point frame and has a smaller turning radius,
making it suitable for places with smaller operating space.
The four-point frame will be relatively slower when turning because the frame is stronger and more stable.

what's the turning radius of three wheel electric forklift?

As usually the standard 2t 4 wheel electric forklift turning radius around:2075mm
Our FLITT 2T 3 wheel turning radius only 1690mm.
 Obviously the three wheel electric qualified with the higer working efficiency in the warehouse.

3. Scope of application

The three-point frame has good maneuverability, is compact and flexible, and is suitable for indoor and small logistics places.

The four-point frame has strong load-bearing capacity and is suitable for large logistics sites and outdoor environments,
such as ports, freight stations and mining sites.

Generally speaking, the three-point and four-point forklift frame structures have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Which frame structure to choose depends on different usage scenarios and needs.

Before purchasing a forklift,
you must fully consider the actual needs and workplace and select the most suitable frame structure to achieve the best production efficiency.