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what size battery does a forklift use?

Date: 2024-04-18 View:

 what size battery does a forklift use?

Different electric forklifts are equipped with different battery sizes.
So what impact will different battery capacities have on forklifts?

This article will explain it to you.

Long working hours

Battery capacity is mainly calculated in Ampere-hours or milliamp-hours.
Under the same capacity, the greater the voltage,
the more power the battery stores and the longer the battery life.

Our high-voltage lithium battery forklifts use CATL original battery packs.
Can fast charge at 1C in 30 minutes.

It can be used for 8 hours under full power and comprehensive working conditions.
Allows you to fully charge the forklift during meal breaks
to ensure the forklift's usage time and work efficiency.

increase working efficiency

Moreover, the high voltage of the battery can also increase the transport speed,
thus improving the transport efficiency.

For example:

Under the same tonnage, the battery capacity of an ordinary tram is 80V.
At this time, the driving speed of the forklift is 15km/h (unloaded)
and the lifting speed is 300mm/s (full load).

The battery capacity of our high-voltage lithium battery series forklifts is 309V.
Even when fully loaded, the driving speed can reach 20km/h

and the lifting speed is 520mm/s.

This is because high-voltage batteries can provide greater current
in a short period of time,
allowing the device to respond faster and work more efficiently.


So you can choose the electric forklift that suits you
based on the length and frequency of use.


FLIFT High voltage lithium battery forklift