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Best Sale FBR 15ST Electric Reach Truck With Stand-on

Date: 2023-07-10 View:

 FLIFT Brand FBR 15ST Electric Reach Truck With Stand-on

Product Parameter

 Model  FBR15ST
 Power Type  Electric
 Operation Type°  Stand-on
 Rated Capacity  1500 kg
 Load Center  500 mm
 Weight(with battery)  2700 kg
 Material  PU
 No.of Wheels  2/1X
 Front Wheel  Ø267*135 mm
Rear Wheel   Ø310*120 mm
 Front Tread  1113 mm
 Wheelbase  1451 mm
 Lift Height  3000-8000 mm
 Mast Lowered Height  2080(2236 S450) mm
 Mast Extended Height(with LBR)  4032 mm
 Mast Tilt Angle  2°/4°
 Fork Size( L4*W*T)  1070*120*35 mm
 Fork Space(outside)  240-800 mm
 Reach Distance  580 mm
 Front Overhang  250 mm
 Overall  Length( without fork)  1818/2923 mm
 Overall Width (chasis)  1230 mm
 Overhead Guard Height  2284 mm
 Seat Surface to Overhead Guard  1025 mm
 Turning Radius  1720 mm
 Mini. Ground Clearance(mast)  80 mm
 For pallets 1000*1000 lengthways  1920 mm
 For pallets 1200*1200 lengthways  2020 mm
 Travel Speed( Laden/unladen)  9/10.5 km/h
 Lifting Speed (Laden/unladen)  310/400 mm/s
 Lowering Speed(Laden/unladen)  320-430 mm/s
 Max. Gradeability(Laden/Unladen)  12%
 Braking System  Electromagnetic
 Battery Voltage/Capacity  48V/375Ah
 Battery Compartment Size  1025*400*560 mm
 Drive Motor  5 kW
 Lift Motor  11 kW
 Controller  Curtis AC

 Product Advantages

►High speed limit device, when the products are lifted up to a certain height,
the moving speed and lifting speed can be selectively reduced,
to ensure operation safety in high altitude.

►Double braking system:
electromagnetic brake+hydraulic braking system,
avoid any shock generated in working.

►Optimized power output matches with the motor,
to improve the contrnuous operaton time for 25%
and energy-saving efficiency for 10%.

►Intelligent LCD instrument, easy maintenance.

►Slide pull battery system,
quick and easy battery replacement.