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How to reduce forklift costs

Date: 2023-06-08 View:

 Tips to reduce the cost of forklift use

In the use of forklifts, affected by the change of internal structure and external factors,
the internal parts of the vehicle will be worn,loose,deformed,etc.
Which will easily lead to unexpected failures in the long term,
and even have serious safety problems, while greatly increasing the cost of forklifts.
At present, users in the use of forklifts have paid more and more attention to the maintenance of forklifrs,
scientific and reasonable maintenance can not only effectively extend the life of forklifts,
but also the guarantee of safe work, so that your forklift can be in the best working condition at any time,
thereby reducing the cost of use.
In some cases where the workload is heavy and forklifts are working 24 hours a day,
how can we perform simple maintenance on forklifts to ensure efficiency and reduce the cost of use.

1: Replace tires thay are prone to wear

Excessive tire wear and even breakage can destabilize the forklift during work,
causing huge virbrations thay can wreak havoc with electrical and hydraulic systems.
We must, therefore, replace worn-out tires in a timely manner,
so as not to cause other failures and increase the cost of use.

2: Keep the forklift working environment clean

The forklift working environment often has some debris such as wooden pallet fragments,
plastic wrap, garbage, rags, production waste, etc, if polyurethane tires used in trucks, etc,
will have a profound impact on work efficiency, so check more,
timely remove these debris on the forklift work impact, and clean the floor of the forklift workplace frequently,
and even consider replacing large pallets with plastic pallets or metal pallets.

3: Timely maintenance of forklift machinety

Forklift machinery requires more maintenance when hydraulic and lubricating oil
is not available in a timely manner, and insufficient hydraulic oil
can cause the forklift to fail to reach the height and rated load of its job, affecting work efficiency.
Timely draining of the oil-water separatoer,
which all internal combustion forklifts are currently equipped with as a result
of improvrd national environmental protection requirements, can cause serious direct engine damage
if the water in the oil-water separator is not drained in a timely manner.

4: Read the forklift operator's manual

To operate the forklift in accordance with the forklift operation manual,
do not misoperate, misoperate will damage the forklift, heavy will lead to forklift accidents.

5: Schedule preventive maintenance

Schedule preventive maintenance, it is best to make a maintenance plan.
regularly maintain  the forklift, in the long run, make a maintenance plan and implement them.
They can save a lot of money,can prevent major component failure,
but also avoid many expensive maintenance costs, extend the life of your forklift.

6: Establish a forklift management system

Have a strict forklift management system and remove the keys
when the forklift is not in use to avoid unnecessary damage the forklift process,
for some narrow aisles, you must first getout of the vehicle and measure
the width of the aisle to estimate whether the forklift and cargo can pass safety.